Goals to tasks, simplified

These are incredibly simple, yet effective features that help you do tasks with purpose to achieve your goals.

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Create SMART Goals

Creating SMART goals enhances your clarity, focus, motivation, and likelihood of success in achieving your goals. Besides, the AI Assistant helps you improve your goal setting.

It supports daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.

Break your goals down into subgoals, tasks, and subtasks

Dividing big goals into smaller goals and tasks makes them easier to handle, helps you stay focused, increases your motivation with small wins, and makes it easier to track and adjust your progress.

Breakdown of goal to subgoals, tasks, and subtasks

Prioritize tasks with Eisenhower Matrix

Categorize your tasks based on importance and urgency. Focus on what truly matters while eliminating less important tasks.

Eisenhower Matrix

Increase your focus on each task

Unlike a Pomodoro Timer, this flexible timer allows you to set different duration for each task. It helps you maintain your focus on each task without breaking your flow state.

Overcome procrastination with timeboxing

Timeboxing helps you get more done in less time, stay focused, and stop putting things off by giving each goal and task a strict timeframe and duration limit. These features work really well together.


Due date reminder

You can set a due date for each goal and task and customize its reminder in a way that works for you. It supports desktop web browser notifications and mobile push notifications.

Due date reminder

Motivational quotes

The motivational quotes are automatically created and fit well with your current goal. It is displayed above the timer to motivate you to stay on task and keep moving forward.

Weekly, monthly, and yearly reviews

It helps you review progress, course-correct plans, stay motivated, and focus on your next steps for success.

The feedback from your AI mentor is candid and provides valuable advice.

Weekly review

Let's make your goals a reality.

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