The simplest way to achieve your goals

Goalfocus is an effective task management and to-do list app that helps you prioritize your daily tasks toward your goals.

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Do tasks with purpose and clarity

  • Stop doing countless tasks on your to-do list without having a clear goal.
  • Create SMART goals and break them down into smaller goals and tasks. Assisted by AI.
  • Then, work on each task progressively toward your main goals.
Breakdown of goal to subgoals, tasks, and subtasks

Regain focus and build momentum

  • Increase your focus with a timer.
  • Prioritize tasks with the Eisenhower Matrix based on importance and urgency. Focus on what truly matters while eliminating less important tasks.
  • Motivated by a daily motivational quote that aligns with your current goal.

Overcome procrastination with timeboxing

  • Stop delaying tasks or decisions.
  • Timeframe, due date, reminder, and task duration work well together to help you complete your tasks in a timely manner.
Due date reminder

Organize plans proactively

  • Weekly, monthly, and yearly reviews help you review progress, course-correct plans, stay motivated, and focus on your next steps for success.
  • The AI Mentor gives you valuable feedback.
Weekly review

Let's make your goals a reality.

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